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No great company is complete without a great team, here is our team

We are the leading Agency in West Palm Beach. Our company was created with the purpose of creating custom packages for business, small or large. To aid them to reach their goals. From our biggest to our smallest client, they get a road-map to follow. The approach we have is to educate our clients and provide them the peace of mind that the job is going to get done. Allowing them to focus on what they do best which is take care of their business.

Team Members

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SEO Expert
Social Media Guru

John Acosta

I am the founder of JVAC Photo & Online Marketing. I have been in the Photography and Marketing industry for a little over 7 years. I have been blessed to have great partners within the company, experts on each of their fields. Our team is the difference between great and just making it since we do not only focus on creating a marketing strategy but we also focus on educating our clients to make better decisions.

Outside the business, my Family and Photography are my main focus.. Art, culture and learning something new is what I try to do every day. Maintaining the idea that if one day we wake up feeling like we do not need to learn no more is the day we start to die, is also the thought that keeps me humble knowing that there is always something to be learned.

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